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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 15, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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kim brown, now, with the first look at traffic. >> reporter: the winds are playing a part because we have wind warning at the key bridge. so keep that in mind especially if you are driving a 18- wheeler. looking live at the roadways, no problems, 895 southbound heading towards the harbor. 95 looks good heading towards the fort mchenry tunnel. an accident in glen burnie at fern road and may road. police are out there on the scene. but aside from that, traffic is off to a good start. now back to you. >> thank you. it was a who are fibbing scene -- horrific scene, two alarm fire damaging multiple row homes. inside one of the houses, circumstance people, three adults and three children, all dead. this morning, the family is speaking out about the tragic loss. sherrie johnson is live at the scene. what a heart breaking story. >> reporter: yeah, you are slightly right. i was out here yesterday morning when the fire first hit. and i got to tell you, it was
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such a really sad scene. look behind me here. this row home here, this is all that is left after that fire killed six people here. and you can see the makeshift memorial with the teddy bears and the flowers to remember those victims that lost their lives in this fire. and this morning for the first time, we are hearing from the victim's family members. some as far away as north carolina. and to lose a family member is difficult. but to lose six is just unimaginable. she was married to richard satterfield for 50 years. fire killed the couple their granddaughter and three great grandchildren. granddaughter she would have turned 27 next week. >> we got the phone call and it still hasn't hit me yet that they are gone.
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so many at one time. >> reporter: back out here live, family members tell us that there were electric space heaters inside the house, but right now, it's still unclear what actually caused this fire. firefighters have not released an official cause yet. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrieionson, abc -- sherrie johnson abc2 news. >> firefighters say most fires can be avoid as the family goes through this pain after losing six ones. investigators have not determined if the family woke up to the ear piercing sounds of a smoke alarm. but the american red cross is using the tragedy as a reminder that smoke detectors increase your chance of escaping a fire by nearly half. >> at love the fires happen when someone is asleep. you hear the smoke detector go off and if you practiced it, it becomes second nature. you head for the window or for the extra door and you know where to go and what to do and
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how to get out. >> doug lent says only 26% of families have developed and practiced a plan to escape a house fire. christmas decorations are often a hazard as well. lent suggest you place at least 3 feet away from in a heat source and check your lights to make sure there are no frayed wires. three people escaped the fire at three-story apartment house in harford county with the help of a quick thinking volunteer firefighter. tom was eating at a restaurant when someone yelled out the historic home was on fire around the corner on franklin street. he ran to the scene ahead of ladder struck and a hose company and spotted two people stranded on the roof. >> when i got here, they were on the roof. you can see where the blood is on the eaves. and i just talked to both into dropping their legs down and kind of falling to this one and i was able to grab the lawn furniture and get up and reach them off the top part and help them down from there. >> quick thinking. he broke a first floor window
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and entered the house to pull another woman out. paramedics transported two vix to the bayview burn center where they were treated and released. another fire fight hear cut and got glass in his eyes. he was treated at nearby hospital. four minutes after five. beginning today, you will be able to check your guns and ammunition when you board an amtrak train. the checked bagage service is not available aboard all trains or routes. call amtrak at 1-800-usa-rail for me details on the guidelines and you can read more on this story on click on the news section and then nation tab. with the freezing temperatures and stinging wind gusts smacking you in the face, baltimore city announced code blue plan. the program was put in place to protect most vulnerable people like the homeless to take on the extreme cold temperatures. >> so it's important to know the symptoms of hypothermia which
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are lettery, con-- leathery, confusion -- lightery, -- leathery, and people with the most severe hypothermia may not be shivering at all. >> emergencies officials say they don't want toa repeat where 8 people died due to hypothermia related causes. time is 5:05. we are not the only ones dealing with the bone chilling cold. subfreezing temps moved to florida where citrus growers are scrambling to salvage the crops of oranges and strawberries and other fruits. what does it mean for you? you can expect to pay a little more for your favorite citrus treats. orange juice futures are trading at the highest prices in more than three years. severe weather is another cause of problems out west this morning. >> powerful tornado rips through oregon and a look at he the destruction that caused and it's a rare storm at that. >> we want to warn you the
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pictures and video is disturbing. a tv camera rolling as gunman opens fire at a school board meeting. now a check of the trains and bus was mark jones. welcome back. >> reporter: thank you. nice to be back. good morning. commute is good right now. on the metro subway light rail is dealing with a delay north bound running 10 minutes late. on the buses, the numbers 5, 8, 20, 23, 36, 40 and 91 taking a diversion at baltimore and light. and out there the number 30 bus with a diversion in old frederick and the marc train system looks good. no delay on the camden penn or brunswick lines. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones.
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oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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a rare tornado struck a small town in salem oregon and tore roofs off buildings and whole object into homes and no one was hurt. but the destruction is pretty bad. national weather service says the twisters damaged trail was five miles long with 150 yard wide. and was not on the ground continuously but lifted up and touched back down.
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incredible video. yesterday, so windy, like an idiot i put the garbage can out and i was look for it when i got home, and it was gone. it's in dundalk. >> i took oscar outside to go to the rest room and he walked outside was hit in the face by the wind and turned around and i swear to god, the dog was cussing me. and he went back inside. >> all right. we need a warmup justin. any chance that's going to happen? >> it's all relative. we will get a little warmup. and carl. charlie, tough wonder when we have 40-mile-per-hour wind, dogs can -- small dogs can turn into kites. >> we had to get him down to a nice solid object. >> and winds for most of the day were gusting over 35 miles per hour. we settled them down a little bit overnight. still problems. kim talked about that in the area bridges. 20 right now in baltimore. 16 new york. and 21 in easton. wind chill right now from here across the bay to 8 degrees. now, we will pull back a little bit. i want to show you what's going on around the east coast
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because we have problems that extend down to florida this morning. and as you can see, we have ourselves 37 degrees and a thermometer west palm beach. they were at freezing yesterday. and they are below freezing jacksonville to tallahassee. so we are not alone with the chill. it's hitting florida pretty hard. for us, the wind picks up but not as bad as yesterday. 30 degrees. but we don't have the wind advisory. at least we don't have it weather wise. bridges are a different story. >> reporter: wind warnings in place at the key bridge this morning. you will feel the wind on the bay bridge. take it eatsy -- easy and hold on to the steering wheel extra tight. but traffic is off to a good start. southbound on harrisburg expressway, no delays as you head toward the beltedway. we have one accident this morning in anne arundel county in glen burnie. fine road at may road. you will see police on the scene. but traffic is flowing freely around the beltway. now back to you. >> all right, thanks. the health alert this morning. one that could save your life. >> yeah a possible danger
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lurking inside your home that you may not know about. >> how a snowman may have cost a bus driver his job. the youtube video that led to his resignation coming up this morning. we will be right back.
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four teen minutes after the hour. you don't have to a smoker to develop lung cancer. second leading cause may be hiding in your house and you may not know. we spend more time indoors with the cold weather and this is what you might need to know about raidon. >> reporter: you can't see it or smell it, but it could be lurking in your home right now. >> raidon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. >> reporter: the specialist terry howell says it can accumulate in old and new homes and office buildings, high rises and schools. and exposure to raidon can pose a serious health risk. >> most people think smoking is primarily the cause of lung cancer and they are right. but raidon is the second most
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common cause. >> reporter: smokers lungs arey mighted and because your neighbor doesn't have it in their home doesn't mean you are in the clear. >> it's in every state virtually every county. there's some areas that have higher concentrations than others and unless you test you don't know where they are. >> reporter: the epa website has testing kids. >> if the radon test results are above the recommended action level, you should consider contacting a professional. >> reporter: and fix any problems as soon as possible. for today's health minute, i am elizabeth cohen. the holiday season, it's easy to get lost in the lights and sounds and parties and presents and it's easy to forget billions will wake up each morning hope to survive the night. >> beginning this friday, abc news will take a closer look at the global health crisis and highlight those working to make a difference including a group
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from here in baltimore. they will focus on women health. a group of american students turn personal experiences into a movement that is making a huge impact. >> it's cost 50 cent a day to treat someone with hiv in africa. >> it gives us energies was frustration and anger at having a friend die without access to treatment. but today, we have spent time with some of the patients who are thriving because of efforts of young americans. >> if you hear more about the face aids organization and their work to battle the aid epidemic this friday at ten and be a change, save a life sponsored any part by the bill and melinda gates foundation. and we will profile the local organization that played a big role in the abc news special. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certified most
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accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. i want to look outside as we are dark and we are quiet and breezy but nearly as windy as yesterday. it's cold. let's show you the time-lapse from down town baltimore yesterday. sunny skies giving way to clouds. a few passing flurries to the north. wind gusting over 40 miles per hour and temperatures were stuck in the 20s all day long. and, most locations. 28 officially with the high temperature at bwi-marshall, 18 towards altuna. richmond and norfolk southeast virginia, they are actually in par with us this morning at 20 and they are 21 norfolk. roanoke 19. and some of these places have a few shots of snow. and i mention that because this is going to be a unique pattern where there may be more snow to the south than we get here over the course of the next week. wind chills down into the single digits in some spots and as we watch a quiet pattern, we are
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dry. the satellite shows clear skies as well. so we should have a lot more sunshine for today. overall weather pattern looks very interesting watching the jet stream diving down through south florida and then off the coast. what's interesting is when you get the cold shots pushing off the eastern seaboard, you get the cloud line mimicking the coastline. this is ocean effect clouds and showers well out off the atlantic and out of our radar scope. we are watching back to the west. this day in the cloud to the south, that's really tapping into the cold blast and that will actually be the mark of the next system that will ride a southern track south of baltimore. we will be right on the northern fringe of that. that moons we could get clipped or get completely mised by what we expect. the forecast model indicates clouds rolling in during the day tomorrow. and some snow looks like south of annapolis, south of dc, and there it is richmond, virginia, robe observing -- roanoke virginia is getting hit with a few inch of snow and rain further to the south.
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there's possibility there's error in the model. and shift this 50 to 06 miles to the north, we are in the snow on the edge of it for tomorrow. another storm that's going to ride up the coast will be a similar fashion on sunday. a near miss. or we could get hit. for today, more sun, a little warmer. 30 the two degree guarantee but a breeze over 20 miles per hour. tonight 18 and cloud it up late and the chance of light snow especially south in the afternoon. let's check on the traffic right now and see what's up with kim brown. >> reporter: not much traffic to check on at this early hour. for the netly things are moving well up and down 95. as we -- fortunately, things are moving well up and down 95. no delays at the tunnels. from the beltway southbound into howard county and towards the capital beltway, traffic is moving well. we have an accident reported in glen burnie fern road at may road. police are on the scene but aside from that, we are quiet and traffic looks good. now back to you. >> thank you very much, kim.
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twenty minutes after five. "people" magazine sexiest man alive soon will be single. ryan reynolds and scarlett johansson are ending the two-year marriage a joint statement says "while privacy is not expected, it's certainly appreciated. an award season in full swing. golden globe nomination have been announced. the king's speech leads with 7 nominations. also up for awards baltimore native matthew winier whose series odd madmen" pickedp three golden globe nominations. change in venue for monday night's nfl game. >> the metrodome roof collapsed and it won't be fixed any time soon. where the matchup now could be held. there's the video again. and a special tribute to a man who dedicated his life to helping young people here in baltimore.
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time 35:24. here's the vitoed once again and vice, executive says the next game against the bears clearly
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not going to be played at the metrodome. inspieors determined the stadium's roof can't be repaired in time for the matchup. it collapsed under the weight of heavy snow, some 17 inches of snow. now it looks like the game will be played at university minnesota's tcf bank stadium. >> 5:25. for decades and from every corner of the city, people young and old flocked to a gym in east baltimore to see mr. mack who took young boys off the streets and turned them into men. last month the legendary boxing trainer passed away at the age of 92. but his memory lives on forever thanks to baltimore city council. a portion of the street has been named mack lewis way. >> to his family, i want to thank you all for allowing mr. mack lewis to be a part of our lives. he has been a part of change countless young men. >> he was known as the ring
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master and respected in the professional boxing arena throughout the world. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:25. we get sometime to talk about the extended outlook and a couple question marks. and this is something that will pop up during the wintertime. especially when we have storms that could cause problems. 30 today and breezy. down to 18 tonight. we will be dry. tomorrow watching the southern system and we might be just on the edge of light snow. but a better chance of anything sticking and accumulating will likely be well south of baltimore. we are looking for a high of 32. 35 and dry on friday. saturday will push 38 degrees and watching a developing coastal storm, right now looks like computer models continue to flip-flop. it's likely that this coastal storm could just miss us. and i know there's a ravens game. some of you want to see flakes for and this will be a big storm. but as it looks right now, four days, five days ahead of schedule, we could be on the edge and could either just hit
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it or just miss it. so, stay tuned i apologize for being vague but it will be a very close call on sunday. right now, though, let's get the call from the new york and this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, google offers tech support. they launched teach parents the site has more than 50 basic how-to videos with changing wall papers a sharing videos. hewlett packard fit more into an all in one device. it is photo smart e stays e all in one prints, copies, scans, faxs and has detachable touch screen tablet computer. wall street journal says it's a bit confusing. >> i find that using a tablet like device the ipad makes me print less. so, i take the ipad with me into the kitchen for baking for example. so, they seem to be giving you a way to print less but they are
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selling you a 400 dollar printer at the same time. it's a little strange. >> reporter: and those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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now, "good morning, maryland." tragedy in baltimore a familiars are and grieves an unbelievable loss. investigators continue to search for the cause of a fire that killed six. three adults and three children. this is a problem. >> please don't. please don't. please. >> oh. >> the video is hard to watch. a man walks into a school board meeting with a gun and starts firing. this scarry situation could have been so much worse. >> and old man winter arrived early. winter has not officially begun but much of the country


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